Discover The World Of Foldable Kayaks

Build This DIY Real Simple Boat Cheap

. Discover The World Of Foldable Kayaks This is all about building a small one man boat fast and cheap. You are about to discover how to make a fold up kayak out of a sheet of plastic ... Continue Reading →
How To Build A Rebar Bar Clamp

How To Build A Rebar Clamp

. This Is One Of The Most Innovative Ideas I've Seen In A long Time I think using rebar for the bar of a DIY bar clamp is a great idea. That green coating on the rebar is an epoxy coating. You ... Continue Reading →
How To Build Wooden C Clamps

How To Build A Wooden C Clamp

. You Never Have Enough Clamps – A Variety Of Clamps In building this all wood C clamp You Get To practice a great technique for laminating a curved member. In the video they ... Continue Reading →
wooden Snow Flake 2

Curls Of Wood – Fantastic Christmas Decorations

. It Is Amazing What A Sharp Chisel In The Hands Of A Craftsman Can Do The Erzgebirge region of Germany has a folk art tradition for making carved wooden items. One of those items is ... Continue Reading →
how to make your own corner clamps

Make Your Own Woodworking Corner Clamps

. It Can Be Hard To Hold Corners In Exact Alignment – Unless… Unless you have a good set of corner clamps to hold the parts right in place. The good news is you can build ... Continue Reading →
how to make wooden Handles

Custom Wooden Handles Can Make All The Difference

. The Heft, The Shape, The Feel Of A Well Made Handle Is Amazing… Handles can be shaped by hand, but the lathe is the best tool for making handles. Handle can also be made from ... Continue Reading →
How To Make Wooden Mallets

The 3 Different Kinds Of Wood Mallets

. It's A Handy Tool To Have Around Shop – No Matter What Kind Of Woodworking You Do One of the mallets main uses is for chiseling and wood carving. The wood face of a mallet hitting ... Continue Reading →
how to make an exact width dado jig

How To Cut Exact Width Dadoes Every Time

. Do You Get Annoyed About The Variation Of Thickness Of All The Different Types Of Sheet Goods? When cutting dado joints they are always too loose or too tight. What you need is an ... Continue Reading →
DIY Garage Shelving

Garage Shelving Made Simple And Easy

. Ana Built These Shelves In No Time – You Can Too Using just common construction 2 x 4″s from the lumber yard Ana built these shelves for her garage. It's a simple design ... Continue Reading →