Garage Shelving Made Simple And Easy

DIY Garage Shelving


Ana Built These Shelves In No Time – You Can Too

Using just common construction 2 x 4″s from the lumber yard Ana built these shelves for her garage.

It's a simple design and it goes up quick.

It should only take a few hours to build.

Using screws is definitely the way to go for holding this together.

If you are going to put real heavy stuff on the shelves – I'd suggest doubling up the shelf supports by putting 2 at each 2 x 4 post (one one each side.

Watch the video as Ana shows you how it's done.



One Comment;

  1. Denis said:

    Both garage shelves are very expensive and take a long time.
    Best way is to use 2×4 brackets which slide over a 2×4, set spacing between,, height of shelves,, screw stand up and lay 2×4 boards across and screw down. I have sets of 5 & 8 feet long. very solid and best of all you can change horizontal length by replacing or cut current shelving, no change on vertical, just unscrew and set net height.
    Denis Liederbach,