Build Your Own Inexpensive Sliding Moxon Vise

Moxon vice

You've Got To Be Able To Hold Your Work Firmly

Half the battle in woodworking is to have your work held so that it can't move while you are working on it. Learn this and you'll save yourself a lot of cut fingers and frustration.

When you are just starting out you probably don't have a good work bench with different vices mounted to it. Clamping the work to whatever surface I was working on usually did the trick for me, but it was awkward.

Moxon vice

Here is what Jay did – Brilliant!

Because my work table is just a sheet of 3/4” plywood for the top mounting a traditional woodworking vise to the bottom wasn’t the best option. There just isn’t much support that way. Another option is to spend over $150 for a Moxon vise hardware kit online. Then purchase the hardwood that is required to build it. I’m way too cheap for that so I decided to design my own Moxon vise after looking at a few online.

The design I came up with uses pipe clamps. You can use whatever size you have. I have 1/2” pipe clamps so I used them and they ended up having more than enough clamping power. I also used a leftover piece of 1/2” plywood. So this entire vise will be made from scraps I had in the shop. Not one dime was spent which is always nice.


For more detailed instructions check out this article and get free plans as well.

The featured image came from the article.