Vertical Gardening Is The Future For Indoors And Out

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Higher Productivity In A Smaller Footprint

Whether it is a small indoor herb garden you want or a whole warehouse full of plants, vertical gardening is coming of age.

For an easy DIY project Lowe's has this great gutter garden idea. Roof gutters can make an ideal planter for a wall garden. You could even use the gutter idea for a hydroponic setup if you wanted to go to that extent.

wall garden-

“Vertical gardens are a healthy addition to any indoor space as they add oxygen to the air.”

Step One

Choose a suitable location that is structurally capable of supporting your wall garden. In some cases you may have to add some bracing to support the weight of the soil.

Step  Two

Build and install the containment for the soil and plants. There are commercially made wall planting boxes that are designed to be screwed to the support on the wall. One cheap alternative I've seen on the internet is to use a bunch of plastic bottles cut off and screwed to the wall. In the video below they use rain gutters as the container to hold the soil.

Step Three

Fill the containers with good potting soil.

One thing to keep in mind is that as you water the planters some water can drain out, so if this is an indoor installation you may want something to catch water drips at the bottom.

Step Four

Provide access to sun light or artificial lighting.

However, on very hot afternoons, put the blinds down for a few hours to prevent the garden from receiving too much sunlight.

Step Five

Choose plants that are easy to grow indoors. They should thrive in the temperature indoors and the sunlight exposure your wall will receive. Lightweight, leaved plants and those that grow close to the root area are better options than large, heavier plants.

Succulents are preferred choices, since these plants are drought resistant. They also offer foliage in different shapes, sizes and colors. Long vines are another good choice, since they root their way up the living wall as they grow.

Step Six

Keep you wall garden watered. Don't over water as mold may grow.


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