The Great Traditional Russian Wood Stove / Heater

Russian stove


A Glimpse At The Art And Passion These Masonry Tradesmen Put Into Their Craft

The traditional Russian wood stove was a very efficient heater.

The hot gasses from the fire were made to take a long path through a massive amount of bricks before being allowed to go up the chimney.

This mass of brick absorbed the heat and slowly radiated it back into the house.

 And the long path the smoke and gasses took to the chimney made for a more complete burn making these stoves very efficient.

In a commoners cottage these stoves were pretty simple and unadorned


Russian Stove

Russian Stove Interior – Image Source

For those who could afford it the masons could pull out all the stops and produce a masterpiece, with ovens and cooktops for the kitchen and fancy ornate brickwork and some masons had an artistic talent for carving the bricks into some fantastic design and scenes.


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