Moxon vice

Build Your Own Inexpensive Sliding Moxon Vise

You’ve Got To Be Able To Hold Your Work Firmly Half the battle in woodworking is to have your work held so that it can’t move while you are working on it. Learn this and you’ll save yourself a lot of cut fingers and frustration. When you are just starting out you probably don’t have

DIY skills

* Tricks Every DIY Enthusiast Must Know.

DIY Skills – The Basics DIY projects take some creativity, planning and a lot of hard work. But what make any project go smoothly is knowing the basic skill-sets required. There are a lot of different skills but if you start with these basic 8 skills you will be well on your way. 1 Caulking

Incredible natural back yard

Back Yard Creations – Fill Your Back Yard With Water

What An Incredible Creation! When you think about filling your back yard with water, you probably think about mud and basement water leaks. But when this dad did it he had a much bigger picture in mind. A totally natural looking yard you would expect to find out at some special place in the country