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Moxon vice

Build Your Own Inexpensive Sliding Moxon Vise

Build Your Own Inexpensive Sliding Moxon Vise

You’ve Got To Be Able To Hold Your Work Firmly Half the battle in woodworking is to have your work held so that it can’t move while you are working on it. Learn this and you’ll save yourself a lot of cut fingers and frustration. When you are just starting out you probably don’t have

BS 1000 Board Stretcher

An Honest To Goodness Real Board Stretcher

Have You Ever Cut A Board Too Short? No More Worries! The Board Stretcher has always been an elusive prank played on newbies and novices… until now! Next Level Carpentry was selected from all the other Carpentry/Woodworking/DIY Channels on YouTube for exclusive promotion of this revolutionary new machine: the BS1000 Board Stretcher by DuhWALT. Make