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How To Do Metal Etching

The Easiest Way To Etch Metal

. Have You Ever Wanted To Put Your Name On Tools Permanently This video is going to show you that it is a lot easier than you think. All you need is a 12V source of power, wires, salt ... Continue Reading →
how to build floating corner shelves 2

How To Build DIY Floating Corner Shelves

A Simple DIY Project That Can Really Modernize A Corner In Your House Do you have a ton of books or other valuables you could display on some great looking shelving? Do you have the ... Continue Reading →
repairing damaged floor joists

How To Repair Damaged Floor Joists

. It's Not Uncommon To Have To Repair A Floor Joist Joists can fail. In old houses you will sometimes find a cracked joist. This cracks or failure of the joist could be from a defect ... Continue Reading →
How To Childproof A Home

It’s Good To Childproof Your Home

. Kids Can Do The Darnedest Things And Get In The Darnedest Places There are several things to consider when childproofing your home. Hazardous chemicals – usually cleaning ... Continue Reading →
how to use a chalk line

Plumb Bobs And Chalk Lines Essential Tools From Antiquity

5 Pro Tips For Using Your Chalk Line For marking straight lines over long distances, no one has come up with a better tool than a chalk line and it has been around in various forms ... Continue Reading →
Russian stove

The Great Traditional Russian Wood Stove / Heater

. A Glimpse At The Art And Passion These Masonry Tradesmen Put Into Their Craft The traditional Russian wood stove was a very efficient heater. The hot gasses from the fire were made ... Continue Reading →
How to build picture ledges

Add Charm To Your House With This Simple DIY Project

. A Dead Easy DIY Home Enhancer – Ana's Going To Show You How To Build Them  You could go to a store such as Ikea and buy them or you could get the satisfaction of building them ... Continue Reading →
Interior Barn Doors

10 Gorgeous Barn Door Ideas

. Your Sure To Find One You Like In This Collection Is a barn door in the future of your home? Why not – they are easy to build from scratch and easy to install. Beyond that barn ... Continue Reading →
what kind of steel is it

How To Determine What Kind Of Steel You Are Working With

. Steels Have A Wide Range Of Properties – Choose The Right One For Your Project Most of us do it yourselfers don't go to the steel supplier and purchase the exact type of steel ... Continue Reading →