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Use Nippers To Pull Nails

The right tool for the right job. Demo work often means saving trim pieces to be reused later. If you drive the nails back out, you end up with an ugly surface blemish. Besides 18 gauge brad nails are near impossible to drive back. If you use the tools at hand you often end up just cutting the nail off while trying to pull it. Those little nail stubs sticking out are a danger for scratching yourself as well as marring other pieces in the save pile, not to mention a hazard to your saw blades later when you go to cut the piece to a new length. Here's the tool to use.

use nipper pliers to pull nails from trim boards

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Keep a pair of ‘nippers' in your pouch whenever you're doing trim carpentry. When you pull trim from the wall, use them for pulling the nails through the back of the trim


#3 – You Need A Trim Gun


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  1. Russell said:

    For wall miters it’s easier to have a premade cheap tool to figure out your angles. Take two free paint stirring sticks you’ve picked up from your hardware store, lay one on top of the other so they’re edges are flush and cut the handles off to square them up so there are no uneven surfaces on the edge. Clamping them together might help. Next drill a small 1/4″ hole in them and place a 1/4″ bolt with a washer through one, then a second washer, then the second stick, then a third washer on the outside and a wing nut to tighten and loosen them. Use this to figure out your angles for more precision. It takes far fewer attempts at practice cuts.

    • Thomas said:

      Love this. Thanks for sharing! Got some window trim to do this weekend so I got a great chance to try it out.

  2. Veronica Teller said:

    Great carpentry tips! I am especially interested in nippers. I have never even seen this tool before. My dad has tons of leftover trim from helping friends with demo projects. The problem is he cant store it with nails poking out everywhere. I will suggest that he use this tool.