how to make wooden Handles

Custom Wooden Handles Can Make All The Difference

. The Heft, The Shape, The Feel Of A Well Made Handle Is Amazing… Handles can be shaped by hand, but the lathe is the best tool for making handles. Handle can also be made from ... Continue Reading →


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Making And Installing Shutters

How To Make Louvered Blinds Out Of Common Lumber

. Louvered Blinds Add A Decorative Touch To Many Different Styles Of Windows This video series is going to show you how to make louvered blinds from scratch step by step. These blinds ... Continue Reading →
scrambled and hard boiled

How To Make A Scrambled Hard Boiled Egg

. Now This Is A Neat Trick Have You Ever Had A Scrambled Hard Boiled Egg Before? The trick of course is how do you break the yolk inside the egg without breaking the shell. You need ... Continue Reading →
how to turn styrofoam into aluminum

How To Turn Styrofoam Into Aluminum

. Here's A Neat Trick – Need A Part Or Object Made Out Of Aluminum? If you start with a Styrofoam pattern you can cast aluminum object at your own foundry. The next page will ... Continue Reading →

Now This Is A Real Master Piece

Marc Adams With His Beauty And The Beast Bed It took a lot of skill to make this amazing project, and I suspect a lot of time – a real labor of love no doubt. Many of the pieces ... Continue Reading →
How to read a level

Tool Basics – How To Read A Level

In Addition To Reading A Level You Have To Know How To Check A Level For Accuracy Chances are if you bought a cheap level in will not be accurate. Those that are in the know about levels ... Continue Reading →
how to choose pocket screws

Why Screw Pocket Joinery Requires The Correct Screw Pocket Screw

Not All Screws Are Created Equal. It's surprising just how many different kinds of screws there are out there. Screw pocket screws have some unique characteristics built in to them. Characteristics ... Continue Reading →