Want The Smoothest Drywall Wall Finish Of Them All?


Have You Heard Of A Level 5 Finish?

There is a level of finish that most drywall tapers never get to in the average home — It’s called a level-5 finish.

You might want to go the extra mile if you have high-gloss paint or direct sunlight, conditions that amplify imperfections in your walls.

Once you've done a normal, high-quality taping job, these are the 6 steps to get to level 5 – this high quality wall finish:

1. Sand
2. Remove dust
3. Thin all-purpose compound with water
4. Roll on compound over the entire wall
5. Remove compound from the wall
6. Give a quick final sanding 


See How It's Done In The Video


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  1. Bruce Melton said:

    If im not mistaken, this is called a smooth coat. ive seen it done with a 12 inch taping knife where the smooth the mud on and take it right back off giving the whole wall the same look and feel