Three Handy Tips You Can Use In Your Shop

Measuring Tip


Those Tips On Page One Where Great and John's Got Three More Tips For Us

I particularly like the tip for using a finish nail gun with long nails in it. All too often when nailing  casings on to door frames you'll get a nail coming out the side of the frame. I always used to blame the wood frame I was shooting into or the angle I was holding the gun at. Now it all makes sense. The problem is the way these nails are made.  Understand the problem and you can come up with the solution.

Watch John's solution — he proves it by nailing 1/4″ plywood to 1/4″ plywood with 2″ nails.



In the next video You will discover the No. 1 circular saw jig – a must own.


Must Have Circular Saw Jig



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  1. Rob-Laura Hodgkins said:

    lawyer…. when was the last time the tape measure was calibrated by a “certified” technician? how old is the the measuring device? this is lame even for finish carpenters

  2. Json Goldman said:

    Good tips but i disagree with second and third trimming of the cuts. that works well on pine and other soft woods but unless you have a very thick rigid blade if you try to make a cut like that on hardwoods the blade will flex away from the wood leaving you with an uneven cut.