Three Handy Tips You Can Use In Your Shop

Measuring Tip


I learnt something today. I've been drilling my counter sinks the hard way.

These handy shop tips are all very helpful.

The measuring tip I have been using fore years, it's a real time save not to write down fractions less than a sixteenth of an inch.

And that miter saw trick comes in very handy when you have to trim just a small amount off a piece of trim. You'll look like a master cutting near perfect cuts.

Watch the video to get the details on these tips.




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Stop Nail Curl Out


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  1. Rob-Laura Hodgkins said:

    lawyer…. when was the last time the tape measure was calibrated by a “certified” technician? how old is the the measuring device? this is lame even for finish carpenters

  2. Json Goldman said:

    Good tips but i disagree with second and third trimming of the cuts. that works well on pine and other soft woods but unless you have a very thick rigid blade if you try to make a cut like that on hardwoods the blade will flex away from the wood leaving you with an uneven cut.