how to restore your headlights

How To Restore Those Plastic Headlight Lenses

. Plastic Headlights Can Turn Hazy And Some Even Turn Yellowish After Time This is about as permanent a restoration as you can get, unlike some of the other techniques you'll see out ... Continue Reading →
Uses Of Baking Soda And Super Glue

Baking Soda And Super Glue Has It’s Uses

. Have You Tried It? The Result May Surprise You You are about to learn one of the tricks of the trade. When you are in the guitar repair business baking soda and super glue has some ... Continue Reading →
How To Fix A New Gas Can

How To Fix A New Gas Can

. You Know The Ones – They Don't Pour Worth A D%$* Have you taken a look at some of those new gas cans lately? They're flawed. They don't pour very well at all. The reason is ... Continue Reading →
best penetrating fluid

How To Make Your Own Penetrating Fluid

. I'll Bet You Didn't Think You Could Make Something Better Than The Store Bought Stuff In this video you'll discover how to make your own penetrating fluid that works better than all ... Continue Reading →
DIY dishwasher cleaning and repair

Simple Dishwasher Maintenance You Can Do

. The Most Common Dishwasher Problem Is Unclean Dishes This is a problem you can fix yourself by doing these few simple steps. And you might find a simple cleaning may solve the problem ... Continue Reading →
how to build a super rake

Turn That Garbage Rake In Your Shed Into A Super Rake

. You Know That Rake Where The Head Is Always Falling Off And Is Easy To Bend? Well here is a way to resurrect that old rake and turn it into a super rake. It'll be your favorite rake ... Continue Reading →
Get better gas mileage

Want Better Gas Mileage?

. Here An Easy Little DIY Preventative Maintenance Tip That Can Help. Have you heard of a mass air flow sensor? It's a little gizmo that tells the engine computer how much air is going ... Continue Reading →
13 polish chrome

My 10 Favorite Uses For WD 40

WD 40 Has Become A Staple In Everyone's Home Because Of It's Many Uses. I'll bet you have a can of WD 40 somewhere around your house. But did you know it has more uses than just oiling ... Continue Reading →
Paint Touch-up Tricks

Car Touch-up Paint Tricks

How To Repair A Really Deep Scratch For slight surface scratches you can sometimes just buff them out. But when you get a deep scratch like the one in this video, where someone keyed ... Continue Reading →