How To Do Metal Etching

The Easiest Way To Etch Metal

. Have You Ever Wanted To Put Your Name On Tools Permanently This video is going to show you that it is a lot easier than you think. All you need is a 12V source of power, wires, salt ... Continue Reading →
repairing damaged floor joists

How To Repair Damaged Floor Joists

. It's Not Uncommon To Have To Repair A Floor Joist Joists can fail. In old houses you will sometimes find a cracked joist. This cracks or failure of the joist could be from a defect ... Continue Reading →
how to use a chalk line

Plumb Bobs And Chalk Lines Essential Tools From Antiquity

5 Pro Tips For Using Your Chalk Line For marking straight lines over long distances, no one has come up with a better tool than a chalk line and it has been around in various forms ... Continue Reading →
what kind of steel is it

How To Determine What Kind Of Steel You Are Working With

. Steels Have A Wide Range Of Properties – Choose The Right One For Your Project Most of us do it yourselfers don't go to the steel supplier and purchase the exact type of steel ... Continue Reading →
hearing protection basics

Give Hearing Protection A Little More Thought

. Do You Know What Type And When To Use Hearing Protection? Hearing is something you loose gradually over time. In fact you are probably unaware of it until it is too late. In this ... Continue Reading →
Beginners guide to drywall

Teaching The Wife How To Drywall

. The Joys Of DIY Home Renovations This video in a basic beginners guide to DIY drywall. They are not showing techniques the pros use to put up drywall fast. First off in most parts ... Continue Reading →
How to put up a dust control barrier

A Great Way To Control Dust In Any Home Renovation

. If You Want To Look Professional In The Eyes Of A Home Owner – This Is A Way To Do It Dust control is an important consideration in any home renovation. If you have ignored ... Continue Reading →
How To Install Interior Colonial Casing

How To Install Colonial Style Interior Window Trim

. This Is An Attractive Way To Case An Exterior Window It Takes 5 pieces of wood to case a window this way. The window stool, apron, two side casings and the header Sometimes the window ... Continue Reading →
how to make triangular holes in steel

How To Make A Triangular Hole In Steel With A Drill

. This Is The Easy And Simple Way To Do It Just so you know this video shows how to make a triangular broach out of a drill bit and how to broach a triangular hole in the steel. It ... Continue Reading →