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A Handle For Your 5 Gal. Bucket Stool

A Handle For Your 5 Gal. Bucket Stool

 You Just Gotta Know There’s A Better Way To Use A 5 Gal. Bucket For A Stool One of the favorite ting to sit on for coffee breaks and such are 5 gal. buckets. Some tradesmen take using these buckets to a whole new level. Here is a short video showing you a great way

Want The Smoothest Drywall Wall Finish Of Them All?

. Have You Heard Of A Level 5 Finish? There is a level of finish that most drywall tapers never get to in the average home — It’s called a level-5 finish. You might want to go the extra mile if you have high-gloss paint or direct sunlight, conditions that amplify imperfections in your walls.