Tricks Of The Trade – Bisecting Odd Angles

The easy way to find odd angles


Here's a trick you don't come across too often

But boy is it handy and accurate.

You could take you bevel gauge and get the larger angle and then take a compass and bisect the angle like you probably were taught in math class way back when.

But there's a better way.

Watch this short video to discover this great trick.




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  1. James Green said:

    I’ve been bissecting some angles since I was 18 and it is still fun once you figure a 73 degree angle and start nailing scribing long cut boards perpendicular to the verticular

  2. Tim Wikette said:

    LOL …. I agree with Jason. Coping (With my skill level) is used for inside corners…not outside. Tommy has a great tip that has been lost in the new generation of carpenters.