Save Money By Refilling Your Empty Small Propane Cylinders

Refill Small Propane Cylinders


Small Disposable Propane Tanks Can Be Expensive To Buy

Here is a solution to that problem if you use a lot of those small propane cylinders.

You can actually Refill those small tanks.

First do a good visual inspection on the cylinder to make sure it is not damaged in any way.


Here's how to refill those cylinders. (video)


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  1. Donnie said:

    Thanks for the great video!
    What is the name of the adapter and where could I get one?

  2. Marshall said:

    This is a direct violation of fire and safety codes (NFPA and others)and is quite dangerous for the “average person”!

    • Jimbob said:

      You Can’t fix stupid. If people can’t figure out such a simple thing to do it is just job security for Firemen.