My 6 Favorite Corner Shelf Ideas

Corner Shelves Are One Of Those Tricky Areas That Are Hard To Make Look Good

These 6 shelve are definitely the exception.

When a corner shelf is done right it makes all the difference in a room.

There are so many different designs available on the market today, it makes it hard to choose.

Many of the designs can be turned into DIY projects.

Here are my favorite 6 corner shelves and you will find 8 more in the original article.


Corner Shelf 1

Corner Shelf 1


Corner Shelf 2

Corner shelf 2


Corner Shelf 3

Corner shelf 3


Corner Shelf 4

Corner shelf 4


Corner Shelf 5

corner shelf 5


Corner Shelf 6

corner shelf 6


All the images are from the original article. Back at the original article you will find 8 additional designs and some supplier information.


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