It’s Good To Childproof Your Home

How To Childproof A Home


How To Add Child Proofing To A Home

Some Steps On How to Add Childproofing to a Home:
1. For cabinet latches, place the latch where you want it on the cabinet door and the catch on the cabinet frame, and predrill holes with an electric drill.
2. Using a hand screwdriver, secure the screws included with the latch kit to the cabinets.
3. For a safety gate, find two solid points of attachment (a wall and a newel post for example). At the bottom of the stairs, a gate can be held with tension by using a wrench to tighten the sides of the gate. At the top of the stairs, use included screws to secure the gate to structure.
4. For electrical outlets, remove the existing outlet cover by loosening the center screw, and replace with a childproof outlet cover that automatically closes when not in use.
5. For a flat-screen television, attach one mounting strap to the mounting holes on the back of the television using the machine screws provided.
6. Using wood screws, attach the other mounting strap to the furniture below the television.
7. Bring the two straps together until tight.




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