Hate Spiders? – Here’s How To Make A Spider Rifle

Spider Rifle


Here Is A Fun Project If You Want To Catch Spiders

No we're not actually going to kill spiders, They can actually be beneficial to your garden.

Here's how to make a humane, compressed-air-powered bug trapper that removes unwanted, tiny pests from your world .

You can now release these bugs back out te the great outdoors.


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  1. Gale Levine said:

    Spiders are good to have around. And they’re webs are intricate works of art. Try to appreciate them and consider not killing them.

  2. Alan French said:

    Pick them up and take them outside. It’s a lot easier. If you’re not comfortable with that, use a cup and a slip of thick paper or a Kleenex to catch them and release. Why turn it into a project?

  3. Bruce Harper said:

    Spiders have a bad disposition. .and they’re mean as hell…..will bite your butt just because. ..i hate them…you better get them before they get you.