Could You Charge You Car Battery With A Chain Saw?

Charging your car battery with a chain saw


At First You Might Scratch Your Head And Wonder How.

But what if you could spin the alternator fast enough to charge the battery? That's where the chain saw comes in handy.

You need to take the bare and chain off the saw. then using an old fan belt, piece of rope or boot lace, spin the alternator using your chain saw motor.

It doesn't take long to get enough charge in the battery to start your vehicle.


Watch the video it will show you all the details


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  1. Tom Clark said:

    So I am out in the bush and happen to have toted along a chainsaw because I think I might just need one out there in the bush!

  2. Robert Howse said:

    It will take a pretty darn long time to charge a dead battery enough to start a Car. Don’t let this Crap happen in the first place is the best way to go. Ask LeRoy what to do if you can’t figure it out yourself

  3. Buddy Northcutt said:

    I see it all makes sense,except for the alternator and knowing what direction it needs to go, if its completely dead, how would you know?? (his was pre marked)

  4. robert dawkins said:

    will not work if battery is dead an alternator has to have 12 volts to start charging