Cal Earth Adobe Project

Another Inexpensive Alternate Housing System In Use Today

. Cal Earth Is Promoting This Bagged Earth Super Adobe House Building System Around The World Cal-Earth wants to cultivate a world wherein we can all build our own eco-friendly earth ... Continue Reading →
DIY Aerophonics Garden

Clone Your Plants – It’s Way Faster Than Seed

. Aeroponics The Fastest Simplest Way To Grow Plants Inside Did you know NASA has been testing this type of system in space? This is another form of gardening where the plants are not ... Continue Reading →
Build An Indoor Aquaponic Garden

How To Build A Self-sustaining Aquaponic System

. You Can Build The Aquaponic System In Your House Or Apartment And In No Time Be Growing Organic Plants This project is a fairly quick build and should cost you about $100. This sustainable ... Continue Reading →
The Wind Tree

The Wind Tree Coming To A Park Near You

This Is A Wind Turbine Generator For The Urban Environment Made up of dozens of small turbines which start spinning an the slightest breeze. If you want to see one in action, New Wind ... Continue Reading →
Pallet wood wrecking bar

Don’t You Just Love New Tools?

. For All You Pallet Wood Scavengers – Here's The Tool For You It's the Eizzy Bar Pro. Specially designed for ripping pallets apart without splitting the boards. It works great ... Continue Reading →
An unlimited wood supply for your projects

Do You Need A Source Of Almost Free Wood?

There Are Lots Of Pallets That Can't Be Recycled. Those pallets in may cases are yours for the asking. It just takes a little snooping around the industrial areas in your area. Some ... Continue Reading →