Wind Power

How To Install A Wind Turbine

. This Old House Looks At Installing A Serious Home Wind Turbine This turbine will sit on a 60 foot tall commercial pole. The pole is bolted down to a solid concrete base plus 3 guy ... Continue Reading →

DIY Mini Hydro Generator Out Of An Old Washing Machine

. Old Washing Machine Motors Can Be Converted Into Great Generators All as you need is a power source to spin the generator. These washing machine motor are quite powerful and when ... Continue Reading →
plasma energy being released to te world

The New World Of Plasma Energy Has Arrived

‘ The World Just Changed On October 16, 2015 in Rome the ambassadors of the world have been called to a meeting where they will be given a free plasma energy unit and all the ... Continue Reading →
Generator in a 5 Galon Bucket

How To Build A 5 Gallon Bucket Hydro Generator

. Generator In A Bucket – Generate Your Own Electricity To Charge Your Battery Bank This is a small hydro generator, generating a constant .7 Amps of battery charging power 24/7. It ... Continue Reading →
Make A Homemade Wind Turbine

How To Build A Home Made Wind Generator

. For You DIY Types It Is Possible To Build Your Own Wind Generator And it is probably easier than you think. With the tools in your garage and a few scrounged parts this could turn ... Continue Reading →

The Archimedes Wind Turbine Is On The Market

.  Archimedes Screw Turbines Are Just So Mesmerizing To Watch This type of turbines blade has solved the noise problem these small household turbines have been known for. The Archimedes ... Continue Reading →
DIY bicycle cell phone charger

DIY Bicycle Mounted Cell Phone Charger

. Spend A Lot Of Time On Your Bicycle? Now you can charge your cell phone on the go. If you can scrounge up some used parts you could build this unit for as little as $5.00. Or you ... Continue Reading →
tree powered LED light

A DIY Garden Light Powered By The Trees

. You Will Need Several Trees To Get Enough LEDs Lite By taping into two different trees you can actually get enough power to light an LED light bulb. There is some debate as to whether ... Continue Reading →
Remote chargers and batteries

Some Things You Can’t Live Without

In This Day An Age What Are Some Of The Necessities Of Our Modern Life? Did you say your cell phone? Or your tablet? Or maybe some kind of portable light. What do all these things require? ... Continue Reading →