how to build floating corner shelves 2

How To Build DIY Floating Corner Shelves

A Simple DIY Project That Can Really Modernize A Corner In Your House Do you have a ton of books or other valuables you could display on some great looking shelving? Do you have the ... Continue Reading →
How to build sawhorses that will last a lifetime

Every Shop Needs A Set Of Quality Saw Horses

. You'll Be Proud Of These Sawhorses For A Lifetime Make a statement to all those who come in your shop. Saw horses like these scream quality and pride in your workmanship. Whether ... Continue Reading →
how to build a dining and gaming table

The Ultimate Gaming Table For Gaming Fanatics

. Board Games, Card Games, Online Games, Even Jig Saw Puzzles This is the perfect table for almost any kind of game and it doubles as a dining Table. The ingenious part of the table ... Continue Reading →
roubo-style workbench

Why A Roubo-style Workbench Is So Useful In A Woodworking Shop

. There Are A Lot Of Different Bench Designs – This One Is A Favorite Among Many Woodworkers This workbench is based on a design by the 18th century French carpenter and author ... Continue Reading →
How To Make This Unique Door Latch

Put A Rack And Pinion Latch On Your Shed

. Now This Is A Latch You Won't See Very Often I've seen a lot of different latching systems over the years, but this is the first time I've seen one like this. Why not! As you'll see ... Continue Reading →
How To Make An Aggravation Board Game

The Board Game Younger Kids Can Beat The Older Kids At

. For This Game You Need The Luck Of The Dice On Your Side This is a fun game to play. There is some strategy involved, but there is also a lot of luck with the dice. The younger kids ... Continue Reading →
how to make wooden hinges

Wood Hinges Can Add Charm To Your Cabinets

. In This Video Izzy Is Going To Show Us How To Make Wooden Hinges These kinds of over the top extras you add to your projects are fun to do and they add that little something special ... Continue Reading →
How To build a work bench - assembly table

How To Build A Real Simple Workbench / Assembly Table

. Every Shop Needs A Large Work Surface / Assembly Table If you don't have one you'll end up doing your assembly on the floor. As you get older you'll realize this type of table is ... Continue Reading →
How To Build Your Own Dinning Table

How To Build A Table From Reclaimed Wood

. Chris Calls This Table A Priceless Gift For His Wife Made from old chestnut barn beams, This old wood was turned into a fantastic table. What Chris has to say about his creation “How ... Continue Reading →