How To Make The Best Flying Toy Ever

Make The Best DIY Flying Toy Ever

. Who Would Have Thought That Such A Simple Object Would Fly So Well Made from a old pop bottle with some weight added to one end, this simple device, despite it's low weight, can be ... Continue Reading →
Hom To Build this great DIY toy

One Of The Best Toys Ever

. There Is Some Interesting Science Behind This Toy The buoyancy of the man in the bottle depends on the volume of air supporting him. Change the volume by squeezing the bottle and ... Continue Reading →
How To Carve Wooden Pliers

On Carving Wooden Pliers – By A Master Wood Carver

. Did You Know It Only Takes 10 Cut To Make Wooden Pliers? There are a few secrets though and you will probably have to practice a bit. Like master carver David Warther  says, you ... Continue Reading →
wind spinner

How To Make A Wind Spinner

. These Wind Spinner Are Very Mesmerizing Do you have any scrap wood in the shop? This would be a perfect project to use it on. When you drill the holes for the bolt up the center I ... Continue Reading →

Build A Blaster Air Horn

. The Perfect Horn To Take To Your Next Sporting Event It is surprising how simple these horns are to make. A few PVC parts from your local hardware store and a rubber diaphragm are ... Continue Reading →
wooden bicycle featured

These Wooden Framed Bicycles Are Gorgeous

. I'll Bet You Didn't Know These Wooden Framed Bicycles Were Being Made Mike Mahoney, founder of Savvy Cycles in Grand Junction, CO, has been working on and perfecting his wooden bicycle ... Continue Reading →
How to make the ring through the bottle trick

The Ring In The Bottle Trick

. This Is A Fairly Easy Project To Make On the next page you'll see how to put tho holes in the Coke bottle. In the video on this page you'll find out how to make the oak ring and how ... Continue Reading →
How To Get The Cube In The Cube

Cube Within A Cube – But How Did They Get It In There

. Here Is A Curiosity – How Did They Get The Cube Within The Cube? And will it come out again? These puzzles are a great conversation piece, especially when made from a quality ... Continue Reading →
cube_in_cube puzzle

How Do You Get A Cube Within A Cube?

. A Fun Little Puzzle – How Did They Get The Cube Inside And How To Get It Out Or maybe a better question would be – How did they make it that way in the first place? I've ... Continue Reading →