9 Reasons For Living Off Grid


There Are Many Reasons For Living Off The Grid

Usually it centers around people thinking life will be easier, less stressful and that may make them happier.

The truth is probably a little bit different. For all the conveniences you have on the grid it usually takes some work when you are off the grid. If you are not willing to work, it's not the place to be.

For those willing to put in the extra effort there can also be a lot of positive things about living off the grid and here are my top nine reasons.

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1. Self sufficiency 

Living off grid is all about living a self sufficient lifestyle, one not dependent on outside resources because you create your own resources thereby reducing or totally eliminating your dependence on a system that could collapse at any moment.

2. Sustainable living 

It’s about living more sustainability. Without constantly consuming resources, you will actually be producing more than you consume. This has the added benefit of not only providing for your family, but contributing to your local community.

3. Renewable energy 

The use of renewable energy only makes sense. Using an energy source that is not renewable is absurd. Fossil fuels are not renewable, at least at the rate we are consuming them. So it makes sense to use sources of energy that are completely renewable, and that can be shared. Renewable energy is also more sustainable long term, and that’s just smart living.

 4. Environmentally responsible 

When one realizes their own responsibility is just as valuable as the next person’s and that no one person’s responsibility is less than another’s to make this world a better place, then we come to a crossroads where we must, as responsible human beings, and for the future of our children and their children, be more environmentally responsible, or there may not be an environment left for them.

5. Preserves knowledge

When we live sustainably it preserves the knowledge through the ages for generations to come. If we all lived in a consumer world we’d lose this precious knowledge and it would be lost forever. What would we do if we didn’t preserve that knowledge by sharing it with our kids, and the world? The advent of the internet and high technology allows us to share with the entire world, with the click of a mouse, the knowledge of our ancestors, forever preserving the knowledge for humanity.

6. Teaches future generations  

Teaching others brings its own rewards, both for the student and the teacher. The beauty of it is that being off grid allows us to teach a new (old) way of living that everyone should know. The reward of the good feeling of teaching is just a bonus.

7. Avoids consumerism & waste

Consumption of resources is running rampant, and needless waste is at an all time high. To reduce waste and consumerism it’s much better to create and produce resources. When you live a sustainable and renewable lifestyle you become a boon to society and create more than you use. This helps keep consumption to a minimum and sets a great example for others.

8. Leads by example

Because you’re doing it, you’re living the lifestyle, you’re leading by example. When you walk the talk, and live this lifestyle, it shows others there is another way to do things. That it doesn’t have to be all about consuming, that you can give back, and still live a fulfilling and rich life.

9. Healthier lifestyle 

It’s just plain healthier because you’re more active. The benefits of physical activity and exercise on your life, overall, are innumerable.

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