Construction Tricks Of The Trade

tricks of the trade


What's The Difference Between A Professional Tradesman And An Amateur?

It's knowledge. It's how many tricks of the trade the tradesman knows to get the job done better and faster.

Here's a video that will show you a few of the basic tricks of the trades that are used every day.



Here are some additional shop tricks

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  1. Steve Ynzunza said:

    What would possess somebody who’s in the trade to give away trade secrets even if they were good ones. Why would you? These are things that we learn in the trade, it’s taken our hard work, blood, sweat and tears to learn these things that’s why we are professionals. pisses me off!

    • Jake said:

      Yes, because I’m sure having seen this someone thats never done it is gonna run out and frame their house now.

    • Joe said:

      Bahaha – The ole’ 3-4-5 method, or educated people call it a hypotenuse of a square.

      So this guy is standing roof height yet cant reach the roof

      • Eddie said:

        Hi, educated person. A square does not have a hypotenuse. I believe you are referring to Pythagorean theorem. What you are doing is confusing Pythagorean theorem with diagonals of a square which are two totally different things. You should def check yourself before making fun of others.

    • Joe said:

      I really thought this guy might show us something. People that are truly dedicated to their craft don’t mind sharing their knowledge. Some people fear that if they teach someone they will surpass them.

  2. Marco J Vilchez said:

    Times have change and White Builders just don’t exist anymore I gave a chance to one of the few left good white crew some polygamist guys from Utah and I smoke them they couldn’t touch me they try but couldn’t am not even Mexican am from venezuela just saying no good white framers anymore that’s all the last one don’t work anymore and I learn from them

  3. Allen Weaver said:

    IN my younger years I loved to watch carpenters working and often times they would show me how to measure and cut etc. One old fellow was showing me how to mark a board to cut- In my intent to be profecent I carefully marked the board and to be sure it could be seen I marked again and again and etc—The old gentleman stood back –looked me inthe eye and said- A carpenter marks once-A jackleg marks twice –A dang fool just keeps on marking—

    • uhhh said:

      Lmfao.parallel is two objects (lines) that run in the same plane but never intersect… A corner is not parallel nor is two objects that connect end to end..also that cool little gadget called a speed square should be used to get you’re cuts correct,never to level anything properly.. All those numbers and grooves are there for a reason and none have to do with leveling 10″ material.. Only “trick” here that these awesome Mexican framers who can’t square or level a house could learn from this video is the 3-4-5…

  4. Adam Mantz said:

    Well I learned all of this the first day on the job 8 years ago doing siding, good info for those that don’t know, aka I have a shop full of power tools for the weekend

  5. Peter said:

    put that string on the face of the board and put a 3/4″ block on each end in front of the nail then tighten string as tight as you can ( yes there is a real trick that will get your string as tight as a guitar string ) then measure the center and you will know what you need to do !! also if I ever had a worker on a site using a speed square to level anything he would no longer be on that site!!