The Great Traditional Russian Wood Stove / Heater

Russian stove


Masonry Heaters With Ovens

“Bake ovens can be either white (the fire is in another box, usually below the oven) or black (the fire is in the same compartment as the food being cooked).

For efficiency and pollution reasons, doors and fireboxes should be as small as the design will allow.

A large firebox reduces combustion efficiency and generates higher emissions.

And large windows increase the amount of heat escaping the firebox and therefore lowers combustion temperature and generates higher emissions. “


masonry heater with oven

Masonry heater with white bake oven whose heat will also radiate to the upstairs rooms. Local stone. Home on slab in the basement. By Gilles Goyette.


masonry heater with oven 2

Masonry heater with oven. The curves smooth the transition into the room.


masonry stove configuration

One possible configuration.


masonry stove

Adobe masonry heater made with a core from


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