how to build a fishing bazooka

Build A DIY Fishing Bazooka

. You've Probably Heard Of A Potato  Gun – Here's How To Use One For Fishing  The problem here is that it's hard to get your fishing lure far enough of shore to catch any fish. So ... Continue Reading →
Tree Girdling

Why Girdle A Tree In Order To Kill It

. There Are A Number Of Reasons You Might Want Ta Kill A Tree This Way The most obvious reason is you want the tree to remain standing. This is usually done to the trees you have chosen ... Continue Reading →
how to make tinder

A Very Good Tinder Making Survival Tip

. Tinder Made Easy Using A Pencil Sharpener How many of you actually knew about this tip before? It's simple and logical yet many people don't know it. The number one reason this tip ... Continue Reading →
stuck in the mud

A Resourcefur Way To Get Out Of A Muddy Situation

. When Your Tires Just Keep Spinning And You Can't Move Anywhere It's time to get resourceful and use the materials at hand to get yourself out of the dilemma. These guys came up with ... Continue Reading →
Survival critter traps

6 Hunting Traps – How To Build Them

. In A Survival Situation This Type Of Knowledge Could Save Your Life They say that the average person can go 3 weeks without food. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you ... Continue Reading →
How To Make A HDPE Plastic Sling Shot

Making Sling Shots Out Of 5 Gallon Buckets

. From Raw Materials To Finished Product – You Are Going To Love This Series This is a HDPE plastic project. The plastic comes from clean 5 gallon pails which you cut up and fuse ... Continue Reading →
DIY Pickle Barrel Boat

How To Build A Pickle Barrel Boat

. Now This Has Got To Be A Unique DIY Project This small paddle boat is made out of a plastic barrel and some PVC pipe and fittings. The video is going to give you step by step instructions ... Continue Reading →
How To Sharpen A Knife

Sharpening A Knife Without A Sharpener

‘ How To Sharpen A Knife Away From The Shop It's easy to do at home in the shop, but you might be surprised at all the other different ways there are to sharpen a knife. You could ... Continue Reading →
how to tie running shoes

How To Prevent Blisters From Running Shoes

. Have You Heard Of A Heal Lock? Have you seen that extra lace hole beside the top lace hole in your running shoe? Many running shoe companies put the extra hole there. It is used ... Continue Reading →